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The general aim of the project is to spread creative culture and innovation within Public Administrations of territories involved in order to support them in improving services for citizens and develop cooperation between the public and the private sectors.

The main objective is to improve cooperation between the P.A., the training system and the labour market, even by strengthening the transnational cooperation.

The transnational Partners (ForSer, Fahhochschule of Kärnten, University of Lubljana), in fact, are working in their regions in order to develop an offer of training for civil servants based on forms of collaboration and interaction between neighbouring regions.


NEXT 4 PA project will transfer of concepts and methodologies for the development of creativity contained in the book “Creativity Today” published by Confindustria Veneto SIAV among the project TOI Leonardo da Vinci Next LLP-LDV-TOI-09-IT-0469.

During specific trainings and workshops the above-mentioned experience will be used to develop the creativity of the final beneficiaries as to transform them in “innovators” inside the public administrations.


More specifically, NEXT 4 PA, supported by the Dutch experts of MindMeeting e New Shoes Today, who developed the methodologies, and by the scientific coordination of Confindustria Veneto SIAV, will involve final beneficiaries of public administrations located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia and Carinthia, in order to improve their capacity to offer new services to citizens.


The project impact on the challenges described in the rationale will be relevant.


In fact, due to the necessity nowadays very much common among P.A., of “doing more with less”, final beneficiaries will dispose of a logical approach and instruments for developing new ideas, new services, new solutions to better satisfy needs and interests of citizens.

Furthermore, SIAV and ForSer together, will promote new types of cooperation between public and private.