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  1. ForSer - Formazione e Servizi per la Pubblica Amministrazione (Italy)
  2. SIAV Spa - (Italy)
  3. MindMeeting B.V. - (Netherlands)
  4. Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Austria)
  5. University of Lubiana - (Slovenia)

ForSer, is an association for training in PA, supporting organisational processes, innovation and management. Through this project, ForSer supports the idea that the development of a common training, at cross-border level, would help reduce juridical, cultural and administrative barriers. 


The University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Administration, supports the national PA with training and development programmes. Through this project, the University supports the realisation of good public governance for the development of the economy, and the increasing importance attached by the EU of administrative capacity requirements for EU membership.

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences supports the rising demand for citizen focussed policies, efficiency and effectiveness, which requires that the management of public institutions have a greater understanding and knowledge of business, law and social skills.

SIAV, the service agency of the Industrial Federation in Venice, will be the scientific coordinator.


MindMeeting BV is a joint venture between Denkraam, intercultural communications and De Wet van Thomas, meeting design.