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Next4PA - Creativity and innovation for Public Administration

Nex4PA aims to spread the culture and the practice of creativity inside Public administration as a way to improve services offered to citizens and support cooperation between the private and public sectors. In recent years, the effects of the global crisis on public budgets have considerably weakened the areas of intervention of institutions at national, regional and local level.

The PA has to reconsider its functions, services, organisation, and resources.

Moreover, there is need to change the way public spending is conceived (less assistance and more selection) and the way PA deals with citizens and their needs.

This proposal intends to provide solutions to this: by developing skills for creativity and innovation in PA workers and administrators, this project will improve the quality of services to citizens, enhancing the capacity of public servants to work together with companies and knowledge producers.

Capitalising on a Transfer of innovation project that operated in the industrial sector, Next4PA will transfer concepts and methodologies to develop creativity in individuals and organisations, that were originally designed in the Netherlands and then tested all over the EU.

By realising training, coaching and learning actions, the project will develop the creative capacity of public servants, with the aim of creating new ideas and innovate local administrations.

The transfer will take place in a cross border environment: in fact, the transnational cooperation will be between Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia and Carinthia, thus reinforcing the capacity to cooperate between PAs in neighbour countries.