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Creativity and Innovation for Public Administration

3th Workshop | 12th December 2013



Faculty of Administration | Gosarjeva ulica 5, Ljubljana




Differences and sameness…

Now that the Next4PA project is well under way, reports about the challenges or pilot actions in the three countries are gradually coming in. Participants in the various regions are in different stages – some have actually already reached the first results! There is still time to continue to work on the local pilot actions.

The Workshop in Ljubljana will focus on an important part of the project: The differences between the three participating countries as a source of inspiration and unexpected solutions. The diversity in the Next4PA group can serve as a natural resource of divergence – a resource, however, we need to learn to tap into.

One more thing: We would also like to honour the hard work of all participant groups and give them space to demonstrate what they have achieved in their communities in past months. So check what we are having for lunch!





  • Thanks to all those participants who have done great work on their challenges! Please prepare your results in such a way that you can present them in a market stall – see our lunch programme. That means: bring along pictures, brochures, objects, videos and sound recordings, waste, leftovers, etc, etc. for all the others to appreciate and make sure you can tell the story with fervour and conviction!
  • By way of mental preparation: think about issues in your work environment you would like to solve but are unable to. Or think about opportunities you would like to pursue but cannot. Both can be personal or organisational/institutional, but they need to be barriers you feel are quite typical for your country.
  • Try to be specific, so it is better to have as a challenge: “In our weekly department meetings our department head holds long monologues which all people in the department consider a waste of time,” than: “Our departments meetings are ineffective.” The second one is too general to be useful material.

Please bring along 1 or 2 of these as input for our working day.

  • All those who have a laptop, please take it along. We will want to process outcomes while we do the work.


Programme 3th Next4PA Workshop


09.30 Welcome and re-acquaint
10.00 Intro to the Programme
10.15 Take stock of broad challenges
10.45 Round 1: Choices and dilemmas in international cooperation
11.30 Coffee break
11.45 First exchange of thoughts on outcomes


13.30 Lunch break, including a market where all participants may showcase the results of their pilot actions


14.30 Round 2: Choices and dilemmas in international cooperation
15.15 Second exchange of thoughts on outcomes
16.15 Tea break
16.30 Extract guidelines for successful cooperation
17.00 What’s Next?
17.15 Kiss & Ride


Willem+Mike 24/11/2013


For information and registration
Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana
Gosarjeva ulica 5 - 1000 Ljubljana (SI)
see map: http://goo.gl/maps/Jl2Qd
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