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Work packages

Work package 1 - Coordination and management

The aim is to start concretely the management of the project and follow the action during its life long, to ensure the achievement of all the aims and the reaching of all results.
This WP has the aim to create a cooperative atmosphere between the partners and to ensure good operative conditions such that all tasks are carried out.
With the coordination of the project leader, this WP assures the technical management of the project, (constitution of a steering committee composed by a reference member of each partner who will be involved in the decisions related to the set up, direction and realization of both general activities and specific activities of each partner)
Moreover, this WP will ensure the administrative management intended to regulate the economic flows of the whole partnership, in accordance with national and European legislation.
Finally, the coordination will help to feed the information flow with the National Agency Leonardo da Vinci.



Work package 2 - Quality assurance

The work package on quality assurance aims to be with and guide the project development, giving suggestions and tools for measuring the progressive achievements of project aims and the production of the expected results.


1. Building of the strategy.
2. Monitoring.
3. Evaluation.
4. Reporting.




Work package 3 - Transfer of concepts

The aim of WP3 are: to share concepts and tools among the partners, in order to develop creativity in individuals and organizations; to identify adaptation needs of the methodology and of the tools to the receiving context; to identify the features of implementation of the method in the context of PA and at cross-border level; to identify sectors and functions of PA where test the methodology.


Each partner will contribute, by geographical area (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia, Carinthia) to share concepts and tools for the development of the creativity for supporting innovation, inside local PA.
Mind Meeting partner, leader of WP3, in coordination with NST Dutch experts and with SIAV partner, will proceed to the transfer of the concepts and methodologies contained in the book “Creativity Today”.
During the first workshop that will take place in Italy, successful cases and actions, developed thanks to the application of the methodology, will be presented.
All partners will take part to the workshop and the invitation will be extended to other operators involved in training and delivery of services for PA.


Mind Meeting

Work package 4 - Transfer of the methodology

During the fourth work package the transfer continues by acting on:

  • the knowledge and skills of experts, of public servants and politicians, in order to facilitate the dissemination and the use of methodologies for the development of the creativity in the PA;
  • identifying and presenting to stakeholders and beneficiaries the potential applications of the methodology to develop new services in the PA and promote cooperation between public and private;
  • practical and workable methods for testing the methodology in the PA.
  • The test (to be implemented in WP5) will represent by one hand the concrete transfer and, on the other hand, the prove the methodology works in the local contexts of PA.


The activities of the fourth WP will involve partners of three Countries (IT, A, Sl) In particular there will be organized:

  • the training on creativity for about 30 direct beneficiaries such as experts, public servants and politicians;
  • the realization of the second workshop, in Austria, on “Creativity and new services” and “cooperation between public and private”;
  • the establishment of 8 – 10 pilot actions in the PA involved.



Work package 5- Transfer of actions


The aim of the fifth WP is to finalize the transfer and to evaluate the first results obtained.
Therefore, this WP aims to implement pilot actions, to analyse the results both for participants and on the contexts to implement thanks to the 3 workshops in Slovenia, the methodology in the simplification of the services in the P.A.


During the fifth WP the following actions will take place:
1. Activation of 8 – 10 pilot actions introducing the creative process inside the PAs and at the same time in the validation and valorization among the Nord-East of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.
Two kinds of pilot actions will be realized:

  • one for generation and implementation of the creative process as a support for developing innovation in the P.A. This kind of pilot action will have as a main target the PA of the three countries of the partners;
  • a second kind of pilot action aims to generate and implement the creative process for the development of cross-border projects/services. In this pilot action partner P0, P3, P4 and PAs of the cross border area will be involved supported by the partner Mind Meeting.

2. Third workshop, (Slovenia) "Creativity for the services simplification".

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Administration

Work package 6 - Sustainability and dissemination

The WP6 is dedicated to the transversal activities aiming to disseminate information and results related to the project and support the sustainability of the benefits produced over time.
This WP intends therefore: accompany, support, stimulate ad orient the transfer of the approach and its integration in Italian, Austrian and Slovenian contest; activate processes of mainstreaming and multiplication that will find concrete implementation in the public administrations, from the more advanced contexts (Netherlands), to the Italian, Austrian, and Slovenian one.
Last aim, but not for importance is the promotion of a continuous and stable use of the methodology in the organizations involved, in order to create bases for the sustainability of the benefits produced, beyond the duration of the project.


1. Elaboration of a dissemination and exploitation plan
2. Implementation of the plan
3. Strategy evaluation


Carinthia University of Applied Sciences